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A sub committee has been formed and delegated with the task of fact finding in relation to erection of a storage shed, excavating below cottage or raising cottage.

The main objectives here are to provide more  suitable amenities, secure storage for club boat and temporary storage of museum specimens. Extra storage for camping and general gear would also be a bonus. This committee will source all the requirements together with costs so that members can be presented with the facts allowing them to make an educated decision as to which way we go.  

Luck was not too far away when shortly after seagull droppings landed on George’s shoulder he hooked on to the big one at Sandy Cap during the October 2007 Fraser trip. A 16.59 kg (36.5lbs) Tuna which took 2 cans of Carlton Mid and 45 minutes to land.

Well done George.

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The inaugural Johnstone Junior Casting Competition was held at the 2007 Christmas party.  The longest cast was won by Jeremy Peiniger with 64 metres, and the most accurate cast was won by Jake Thorpe within 1.5 metres.

Cottage works sub committee

Johnstone Junior Casting Competition

Seagull droppings brings good luck

Len Butterworth began his love for fishing after being introduced to the AFAQ at an early age by his teacher and AFAQ member Bert Merrill.

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Len Butterworth, died 17 April 2009 Gold Coast