Amateur Fishermen's Association of Qld Inc.

Juniors members are aged from 6 to under 18 years, and their custodial parent or legal guardian must also be a full member.

Junior Members

The inaugural Johnstone Junior Casting Competition was held at the 2007 Christmas party.  The longest cast was won by Jeremy Peiniger with 64 metres, and the most accurate cast was won by Jake Thorpe within 1.5 metres.

Johnstone Junior Casting Competition

All Junior members are invited to attend the Junior education program.  There will be a half hour presentation on various topics after each monthly meeting.  Senior members are welcome to attend as well.

Date                         Presenter               Topic Summary

June 2008               G Harrold               Fish Cleaning, Care and use of Knives

July                           R Bennett               GPS, Depth Sounders, Instruments

Aug                           G Newton               Boat Handling, Maintenance

Sept                          G Dowd                   Charts, Beacons, Navigation

Oct                            P McShane             How to throw a cast net

Nov                           J Mischke               Rod Casting, Reel Maintenance

Dec                           Members                Casting Competition

Feb 2009                N Gorman              Ropes, Splices, Knots

Mar                           G Harrold               Beach Fishing,” Reading” a Beach

Apl                            J Mischke               Rod Making and Repairs

May                          G Goodall              Bribie Aquaculture Farm Visit

Jun                            Members                Sinker Making

AFAQ Junior Education Program